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Danish Vinter Christmas Candle

    Danish Vinter Christmas Candle


      Danish Vinter - Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Hand-poured Christmas Candle. 

      Our limited-edition Danish Vinter candle evokes cosy nights filled with hygge during the holidays. Each rapeseed and coconut wax candle is carefully hand-poured by Laura in our Hygge at Home workshop.

      Danish Vinter's balanced fragrance opens with refreshing top notes of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, and cinnamon. As the candle flame flickers, hints of cedarwood, tobacco, jasmine and amber create a warm heart.

      Finally, base notes of musk, vanilla, tonka and sandalwood provide a smooth finish, perfectly capturing the essence of a serene winter's night.

      Housed in a glossy white 30cl jar, adorned with snowflakes, our Danish Vinter candle brings comforting vibes and aromas of the season home.

      Light the cotton wick and relax into nostalgia - reminiscing over holidays spent with loved ones as you enjoy this artisanal candle's crisp, balanced, and cosying scent.