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Let it Snow Christmas Candle

    Let it Snow Christmas Candle


      Let it Snow - Hand-Poured Hygge Christmas Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Candle.

      Our limited-edition 'Let it Snow' candle captures the crisp, refreshing magic of the winter season. Each artisanal candle is lovingly hand-poured in our Hygge at Home cabin using natural wax.

      Let it Snow's nostalgic fragrance opens with sweet top notes of juicy raspberry, green leaf, and bright orange. The scent unfolds to a brisk pine forest heart warmed by clove and herbaceous pine.

      Finally, the aroma settles into a base of rich caramel and cosy woods, evoking images of chimney smoke in the distance as you select the perfect Christmas tree.

      Housed in a 'Let it Snow' white 30cl jar, Let it Snow brings the feel of an invigorating walk through freshly fallen snow straight to your home.

      Light this rapeseed and coconut candle's cotton wick and breathe in the crisp, festive fragrance of the most wonderful time of the year. A perfect hygge-filled holiday gift.