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5 Hygge-friendly Antidotes for Halloween

by Kate Gray on October 23, 2022

Believe it or not, experiencing hygge at Halloween is achievable. Taking place on a dark autumn night, it can sometimes become overwhelming for young and old generations alike. With this in mind, I wanted to suggest five Halloween activities at home as an antidote to the typical 'fright night' celebrations. Enjoy your best Halloween yet with these comforting hygge hacks. 

Hygge pumpkins halloween

Swap Chilly Trick-or-treating for a Craft Night Indoors

Being content in cosy surroundings whilst gathered with others, is a principle the Danes fully embrace. And who’s to doubt the tried and tested ‘philosophy’ of one of the world’s happiest countries?

Crafts projects can be shared by friends and family, building bonds with the benefit of having beautiful hygge décor to display once they’re finished. That’s why we're delighted to stock beginner-friendly kits (for supervision with children aged 10+).

These craft kits include:

Avoid getting chilled-through whilst trick-or-treating in the cold October air, by choosing to awaken your creativity.

Hygge creativity halloween

 Change Your Halloween Costumes for Cuddly Knits

Novelty Halloween costumes are a fun way to celebrate, but are they sustainable? Often, they are worn once and then thrown away into landfill.

Reach instead for your hygge ‘uniform’ of soft knitted layers and fleece-lined Nordic Sherpa Socks when 31st October arrives. You can wear them time and time again.

Soft blankets have the benefit of keeping everyone warm, plus they feel ever-so tactile when huddling up on the settee like penguins. Then, after wrapping everyone up, try storing your blankets upright in a basket for stylish Instagram vibes. 

Cosy hygge socks

Organise a Movie Night Everyone Will Enjoy

Less horror ... more hygge is the goal this Halloween. Swap out the nasties of horror movies for feel-good films set in autumn.

Schedule an evening watching The Nut Job, a PG-rated animated film about a group of parkland critters trying to hibernate for the upcoming winter. Family-friendly and funny, who'll be the first in your house to laugh out loud?

Once the kids have gone to sleep, adults can enjoy the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally, partly set at this time of year. Don’t these gentler Halloween movie ideas give you a relaxing feeling that’s perfect for a hygge home?

Hygge cosy blanket

Switch out Sweets for Nourishing Food and Drink

Hygge centres around the simple pleasures of well-being and contentment. So, it makes sense to swap the usual sweets for yummy home-prepared snacks.

Marlene & May’s Baking Kits are suitable for adults and children of most ages. Made with artisan ingredients that taste so moreish once baked, this activity is an increasingly popular pastime reminiscent of simpler times. Enjoy your creations whilst watching the Halloween movies mentioned above.

Browse the indulgent Beverages & Confectionary and Crafts and Activities sections of The Little Box of Hygge’s online shop too, so you’re ready for your first hygge-themed Halloween.

Halloween warm drink

Create Your own Halloween Story

Whilst a ghost story can be exciting for teenagers, every member of the family can enjoy reading their favourite book this Halloween. Maybe you could dream up an autumnal-themed adventure as a group?

From fictional tales to our selection of fascinating titles about hygge, reading a good book on a dark evening is never a bad idea. Listen out for the rain knowing you’re sheltered. Alternatively, celebrate with friends by holding a hygge-themed book club. Sharing ideas with your inner circle could lead you to discover new ways to enjoy hygge.

Halloween hygge story

Hygge 'nights in’ are the perfect experience for people who enjoy life’s everyday comforts. Gather with loved ones to try these Halloween activities for kids or adults, stocked up with goodies from The Little Box of Hygge’s online shop. Alternatively, you can curate your own box, ready to be delivered to someone special’s home.


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