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7 Scandi-Inspired Evenings to Enjoy in Early 2023

by Kate Gray on January 19, 2023

At this time of year, life can soon seem pretty glum … just like the weather outdoors. We’ve made our 2023 hygge-friendly resolutions. Christmas is long behind us. And, the excitement of spring buds seems far away.

However, the Danish view this time of year as hygge heaven. Gathering during long dark evenings, they cherish time spent with friends and family. Be inspired by our Scandinavian neighbours and try these seven hyggelig things to try this winter.

Hygge evening

1. Conversations by Candlelight

The Danish highly prize their levende lys (candles).

So much so, that many Scandinavians decorate with light instead of bright colours. Follow these hygge pioneers by inviting your nearest and dearest for a warm evening of conversation, hearty food and wine beside candlelight. Never intrusive, a candle’s glow and inviting scent encourage meaningful discussions between friends.

Need more candles in your life? Our new beautifully-named hand-poured candles are lovingly created in the Little Box of Hygge cabin.

hygge conversation by candlelight

2. A Hot Chocolate Evening

Treat your taste buds with a selection of moreish drinks. Indulge in Classic and Chocolate Orange flavours by the York Cocoa Works. The second variety contains natural orange oil for added zest.

Perfect for families or anyone with a sweet tooth, watching the chocolate flakes melt into your drink is mindfulness in a cup. For total indulgence, create a hot chocolate station stocked with Vanilla Bean Gourmet Marshmallows, cinnamon and an adorable mug for each guest.

hygge hot chocolate evening

3. Cosy Date Nights

Not just for women, men too can benefit from hygge. Our Hygge Gift Box for Men makes a great ‘just because’ or Valentine’s Day present. Tuck the kids into bed and make time to share your day’s news over a romantic dinner. Fresh seasonal ingredients are always best.

Afterwards, snuggle on the settee wrapped in an cosy throw and watch a vintage film you’ll both enjoy. Who cares if it’s raining outside?

hygge date night

4. Stargazing Nights

Wrap up warm in your wellies, favourite coat and cosy knits before venturing into the garden. This evening activity will excite all ages.

Prepare by creating a stargazer’s ‘nest’ with plenty of chairs and cushions earlier in the day. Then, once it’s dark, ask everyone to find the moon and watch for shooting stars. Hot chocolate and warming gingerbread will keep everyone warm before stepping indoors and relaxing by the fire.

hygge stargazing evening

5. Pamper Evenings

If you need an excuse to prioritise your wellbeing, this hygge activity supports you so you can continue to support others.

Nourish your skin after a day in the elements with beauty heroes. Release your day’s stresses by running a soothing bath that's not too hot, not too cold. Finally, team this with SLS-free Dreams of Lavender Natural Soap for a peaceful slumber.

hygge pamper evening

6. Bake Something New for Dessert

Ever heard of aebleskivers? These cute, almost spherical pancakes are yummy Danish treats often served with jam and icing sugar. You can find the recipe here, although a special aebleskiver pan is required.

Passing on skills to someone special makes for a hygge-ful evening. Experience a sense of nostalgia from days gone by as you unwind with our bake at home kits.

hygge baking

7. Start a Gratitude Journal

Knowing there’s so much to be grateful for can give your life renewed meaning.

Invite everyone to switch off their phones and gather around the dining table or living room. Then, take turns to say three things you are grateful for. This can feel difficult at first but you’ll be surprised at how many things you can contribute.

Writing everything down in a journal such as our 100% recycled ‘Grateful Quote’ Journal, helps to nourish you when you need sunshine.

hygge journal

Enjoy a Hyggelig Evening Whatever the Weather

Be cosy, light a hand-poured candle and try something new before the warmer weather arrives. Mix and match these seven Scandinavian-inspired evenings to create an itinerary that suits you. Explore our online shop or email info@littleboxofhygge.co.uk for a truly personal service.


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