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Autumn Hygge

by Laura Donnelly on August 31, 2021

We have just entered my favourite season of all: autumn. I have been feeling it in the air over the last week and today, as I write, I am watching the red and orange leaves start to fall from the tree in our front garden. There has been a distinct change in the weather so this morning the children have dressed themselves in their woolly knits that luckily still fit from last year! We’ve had a fantastic summer break, but I admit I’m excited to pack away the sun hats and sandals and dig out the hats, scarves, gloves and boots.

I can’t quite explain the feeling that autumn gives me, but fellow autumn-lovers will understand. It’s something to do with golden leaves laying scattered on the ground, the smell of dampness in the air and enough of a chill to need a jacket. We love our countryside walks, kicking the leaves with our wellies on, then returning to the comfort of our home for a hot chocolate and freshly baked apple pie. We will light the candles, pumpkin spice or toffee apple scented, once the orange/red hue of the afternoon has faded.

I was curious to find out how other people around the world feel about autumn and if they have any special autumnal activities or rituals they look forward to. What better place to ask than my fellow hygge-lovers from a Facebook group that I belong to. These are their ideas of perfect autumnal activities:

  • Decorating the living room with mini pumpkins and autumn leaves
  • I love autumn colours such as red, yellow and orange, baking pumpkin bread and spiced cookies with a pumpkin cream dip and eating them along with a steaming cup of milky chai
  • Watching the mist over our farm field in the morning, sitting on the patio or porch, all bundled up with a fire in my firepit whilst drinking a spiced cocktail
  • Drinking hot cocoa whilst watching Hocus Pocus
  • Going for a walk with a friend to collect chestnuts. We roast them once we’re home and drink lots of lemon tea
  • Raking the leaves in the backyard in the evening with just the moonlight. It’s such a peaceful and wonderful end to the day
  • Walking through leaves and hearing them crunch
  • Drinking a warm cider in a mug with a cinnamon stick
  • Apple picking the last week of September when the Golden Delicious apples are ripe
  • The first night of cold weather under 70, I get out my copy of Hocus Pocus and make corn casserole
  • Washing my crochet blankets in a scented conditioner and collecting them in a basket by the settee
  • Taking walks, collecting conkers, eating the last ice-cream of summer just before ordering the first Spiced Coffee of autumn
  • Listening to the cawing of blue jays

Doesn’t this give you such a cosy, warm feeling inside? Autumn really seems to be the talk of the town this year and I keep hearing discussions about how they are looking forward to getting the woolly knits out and preparing for the cosy season. Maybe it has something to do with an innate feeling that we have become accustomed to, due to the pandemic and staying indoors, of being safe, warm, cosy and making the most of being indoors with our families.

We would love to know how you feel about autumn and what you are most looking forward to. Across on our Instagram page this season we will be sharing weekly autumn hygge hints and tips, hearty recipes and bakes and, of course, lots of autumnal products and ideas.  And if you love candles with an autumnal feel, take a look at the new range which is live on the website; including Pumpkin Spice and Woodland Walk. Happy autumn!




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