When daily life feels increasingly hurried and devoid of meaningful connection, our thoughtfully curated hygge gift boxes, brimming with comforting artisan products, promise to infuse more cosiness, calm and reconnection.

Corporate Gifting

by Laura Donnelly on May 02, 2021

Since 2020 we have been providing corporate gift packages for small and large companies, not just based in Lincolnshire, but around the UK, Europe and America. A gift needs to have an impact and we are on hand to help.

How many gifts have you given in the past that have been welcomed but placed at the back of the drinks cupboard, given to somebody else or left in the boot of the car? It is time to treat your employees, clients and customers to a gifting experience with a personal touch designed to improve well being. 

Whether you are looking for a single gift or an order of 1000, we would be delighted to create a gift package for you. 

We can create gifts for any reason or occasion such as:

  • Employee & client appreciation
  • Building relationships with clients and customers
  • Seasonal gifts
  • Incentives
  • Milestones
  • Conference welcomes
  • Events
  • New home, new baby and other occasions
  • Membership welcomes

We have recently worked with companies such as Dell, Citrix, Mercaux, Nestlé and Groupon and created some very special gift packages for their employees and clients. 

You can choose from our existing range of gift boxes or work with us to create your own custom boxes. We are entirely flexible and happy to create gifts that meet both your budget and brief. If you would like to have a chat about your gifting requirements please contact Laura at info@littleboxofhygge.co.uk or telephone 07803 318751. 


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