When daily life feels increasingly hurried and devoid of meaningful connection, our thoughtfully curated hygge gift boxes, brimming with comforting artisan products, promise to infuse more cosiness, calm and reconnection.

Getting our Homes Hygge-Ready for Cosy Season

by Laura Donnelly on November 04, 2023

It's my favourite time of year again - as soon as that autumn chill arrives, it's time to infuse our homes with hygge! The sights, smells, textures, and overall ambience of our homes can provide such comfort and joy during the cooler months. I love thinking about how to transform each room into a true hygge haven.

For me, just stepping inside a place with the glow of candles, the scent of cinnamon baking, and the warmth of blankets makes the stresses of the day melt away.

Hygge candle

So as soon as that crisp autumn air arrived this month, I started eagerly anticipating getting to go full hygge mode. I had visions of coming inside after school pickup to light autumn-scented candles, cook up pots of chili or apple cider, and then curl up to watch a movie under soft throws. Pure cosy bliss!

But it seems my family isn’t quite ready to hunker down and embrace the hygge home life just yet. The kids still want to play outside with friends rather than snuggling up by the fire. And my husband is still in go-go-go mode in the evenings. It's sometimes 9pm before I feel we have sat down to rest..and then I'm already feeling sleepy!

My dream of peaceful, connected family movie nights with hot cider and candles burning has yet to come to fruition. And sometimes it feels frustrating when my vision of perfect autumnal hygge doesn't match up with my family’s reality.

But I’m learning to be patient and gently nudge them into a cosier mindset. I’d love to hear if any of you can relate! Are you also craving those cosy elements while your family is still holding onto summer? Let’s commiserate and strategise how to help our loved ones embrace hygge over on The Hygge at Home Facebook group.

Hygge cosy nook

On Episode 3 of The Hygge at Home Podcast, I shared plenty of tips for ushering in that cosy, welcoming vibe through your decor, lighting, aromas, and more.

As the crisp autumn air arrives and the holidays draw nearer, it’s time to refresh our homes and infuse them with hygge. This season is all about gathering with loved ones to celebrate, reconnect, and simply enjoy each other’s company. While many discover hygge through cosy home products and self-care treats, the magic of hygge doesn't have to cost a thing. At its core, hygge is simply about creating an atmosphere of cosiness, comfort, and contentment from the little moments in life. You can easily cultivate hygge in your home this autumn and winter without spending any money.

Focus on celebrating the senses to create hygge joy. Bake comforting recipes like apple cider donuts or pumpkin bread (remember the recipes from the last blog) and fill your home with delicious aromas. Spend time connecting with loved ones through long conversations or board games by candlelight. Savour relaxing with a good book and warm mug of tea. Bundle up in your cosiest sweater to read a book in your hyggekrog (cosy nook) . Go on brisk nature walks to appreciate beautiful autumn and winter landscapes.

Rediscover activities you already own - craft supplies, puzzles, photo albums. Play nostalgic music and reminisce. Declutter to welcome peace of mind. Hygge is about atmosphere and mindset. By appreciating what you have and slowing down to find joy in everyday rituals, you can easily embrace hygge.

While treats and material comforts are nice extras, don't feel you need to spend money to experience hygge. Free moments shared with loved ones, creativity, and nostalgia are the true keys. Focus on togetherness and gratitude this season.

To help create that warm, welcoming environment for cherished reunions and quality time, you could consider adding cosy touches and accents throughout your home. Adorning your spaces with natural textures, rich layers, candlelight, and seasonal botanicals helps set a comforting atmosphere.

My Top Hygge Home Decor Finds:

Nordic Peace slippers

Entryway: place a basket with warm slippers and soft blankets for chilly guests. Arrange autumnal dried foliage on console tables. Add a rug with texture underfoot.

  • Rustic Wall Shelves from 'The Rustic Looks' on Etsy
  • Cosy Slippers from Nordic Peace

Living Room: invite relaxation and connection. Layer rugs over hardwood, pile on the pillows and throws, keep flowers fresh. Light candles before company comes over to spread inviting aromas.

  • Throws and Candles from Hygge at Home
  • Mini Christmas Tree, Garland, and Taper Candles from Lights4Fun
  • Candle LED Canvas and Gonk Doorstop from Next

Milly Francis prints

Bedrooms: make a hygge haven for yourselves and overnight guests. Provide extra blankets, slippers, books, and warm lighting. Place chocolates on pillows for a hotel-like touch.

  • Glass Hurricane Candle Holder from Next
  • Snuggle Pillow from Dwell Home Shoppe on Etsy
  • Nature Art Prints from Milly Francis on Etsy

Eucalyptus shower

Bathroom: turn yours into a home spa oasis with plush towels, scented soaps, and a bench for serenity. Draw a bath surrounded by candles to end the day.

  • Tropical Coconut Body Scrub and Facial Kit from Eva Carys
  • Hooded Robe from The White Company
  • Bamboo Bath Rack from John Lewis
  • Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bundles from Etsy

Table centre piece

Kitchen: the heartbeat of any home, especially during the holidays. Infuse it with the aromas of seasonal dishes and baked goods. Create an inviting ambience.

  • Christmas Art Prints from Heart2HeartbyHelen on Etsy
  • Rustic Centerpiece Box from Oakham Gifts on Etsy
  • Drinks Dispenser from Kilner for that Christmas Glogg or Mulled Wine
  • Christmas pudding basin from Mason Cash
  • Hot Cocoa Station from Etsy (or easily make your own)
  • 'Spruce Collection' full kitchenware collection from Dunelm

Spruce Collection Dunelm

Let me know how you infuse hygge into your home during the holidays and feel free to share your ideas and cosy-home finds on the Hygge at Home Facebook group! I hope these ideas provide inspiration as you craft a welcoming environment this cosy season.


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