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Give your Mum the Gift of Time this Mother's Day

by Laura Donnelly on February 24, 2022

On Sunday 27th March we will be celebrating the important women in our lives. Although it is known as 'Mother's Day', I am sure there are many people who will also be celebrating other important motherly figures in their lives; special women whom we can count on to take care of us and be there when we need them. Sadly, there will be special, loved ones who are no longer with us; women who have been that important, caring figure in our lives. We will also celebrate them on this day and reminisce about special memories we shared with them.

If I have learnt anything over the last two years, it's that time spent with loved ones is so much more important than anything material. It got me thinking about different ways to spend Mother's Day and ideas about how we can treat our mums that will leave a lasting memory; things that perhaps don't cost a penny but show that you care, appreciate them and that they'll treasure forever in their memories. I want to share these ideas with you as I know many people are struggling, due to the rising cost of living and other factors out of our control. We must not feel that we have to buy expensive gifts, or any gifts at all for that matter, when love, time and affection means so much more. 

I turned to a lovely group that I follow: 'The Hygge Nook'. These wonderful people give me so much inspiration about life and help me realise how important the small things are in life. This group of like-minded people, from all over the world, all share hygge as a common interest and they are a fantastic, friendly support community. 

Within 5 minutes of asking the group for their suggestions and thoughts about Mother's Day, I had received a wealth of comments with heartwarming stories about their previous Mother's Days, descriptions of special things they have done for their own mums in previous years and what they would appreciate themselves. I loved reading their comments and I've been very much looking forward to sharing these ideas with you! 

"Take a selection of seeds and bulbs to mum's house and spend quality time, over a few cups of tea, planting them." Imagine the memories, once the flowers and vegetables start to grow, of those special few hours you spent together. If you have your own children, get them involved too. "Talk about the good times, the funny times and special times you have shared."

"Make a special brunch, a homemade lunch or an afternoon tea, set with a pretty table. Time spent chatting, watching a film together or playing games is invaluable." It came up many times by many different people that connections and memories are more precious than material gifts. And who doesn't like being cooked for!?

This comment brought a tear to my eye. It is such a lovely, heartwarming idea and I imagined both mother and daughter sharing this time together as I was reading it: "Cook mum's favourite meal, give her a foot rub, do some of her chores, play her favourite music, sit with her and look at old photos, brush her hair, paint her nails, ask her to tell you about her life and happy memories and give her lots of hugs". What a special experience, especially giving mum the time to tell you about her life and memories. 

"Write a story with your mum as the superhero". "Paint a picture of you and your siblings using an old, treasured photograph from when you were children". Even if you don't feel that you are creative or you can't paint, I'm sure mum would find this to be extremely thoughtful and maybe even hilariously funny too! Imagine the giggles you would share when you showed them!

"Find a treasure that reminds you of her at a thrift or antique store and polish it 'til it shines". Antique stores and charity shops have absolute gems in them. I would love to find an old ornament, a vase or one of the bells my mum used to have in the cabinet when I was a child to gift to her; perhaps even the same as the one I accidentally smashed as a 7 year old that she was never able to replace! 

"Make a small, heart shaped pillow trimmed in lace with dried lavender inside. Write a homemade card, a poem describing her or decorate/paint a picture frame that includes a treasured photograph." 

This comment sums up my ideal Mother's Day. My children love to give me a little gift but it's the things they make for me with their own hands that I truly treasure. "I never want a physical gift for Mother's Day. I appreciate a lovely breakfast made by my kids and/or a nice homemade dinner. Maybe a small bunch of flowers. Mostly an expression of appreciation and plenty of hugs makes me feel very happy. Now that my kids are young adults are not at home, loving messages from them are more perfect than anything". 

"Spend time giving her a pamper. Run her a bath and light a candle whilst she relaxes. Grab all of your spa products and treat her from head to toe: facial, manicure, pedicure."

"Give her a beautiful handwritten IOU for a girls day out. Do what you both love. Stroll a favourite shopping area and have tea, do a spa day, take a cooking class together. Time together is precious."

"Make a dinner, watch a movie and get the photo albums out". I love spending time reminiscing about my childhood with my family. I love to hear about their lives and hearing them describe where each a photograph was taken and special memories they have from the event. 

"Make a picnic lunch like when I was a kid with flowers and memories". Weather dependent, this can be an indoor picnic although a bit of sunshine and time in the garden or the park would be lovely! 

"Take strips of paper for her age and write down different things we love about her and put them all in a jar." I imagine this would bring happy tears!

"Toast and warm hugs from my girls". This simple comment sums up the perfect way to wake up on Mother's Day; sharing breakfast with my children and an endless amount of their hugs. 

I hope you take away some inspiration from these ideas. I think we can all agree that quality time and memories are so important and it's the little gestures that mean so much more than anything material. However you choose to spend the day, I hope it's filled with hygge and love! 


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