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Being Present this Christmas:Tips for Togetherness & Hygge

by Laura Donnelly on December 13, 2023

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived! The Christmas break represents a rare, magical window amid the nonstop hustle of regular life – a valuable opportunity to sink into tranquil hygge family time and joyful togetherness. When work and school projects pause, we get the gift of long, unhurried days centered around comfort, celebration and renewal with our nearest and dearest.

From cosy mornings lingering over mugs of cocoa to late nights tangled up giggling over childhood stories, Christmas allows us to press pause, join hands, and make meaningful memories anchored in mindfulness. It invites us to block our calendars and sink into the luxury of time...time to launch new traditions, nurture our dearest bonds, indulge our senses, rediscover gratitude, and dream boldly about the coming year.

Cosy hygge home

The magic of the season washes over us when we immerse fully in the present moment with childlike wonder in our hearts. So with great intention, care and enthusiasm, let’s awaken our instincts for playfulness and presence! This special period of calm and closeness comes but once a year...here's to squeezing every last drop of togetherness from your Christmas break!

Cosy Up Your Home

Dedicate time during your Christmas break to truly make your home a hyggeligt haven. When the world moves slower and work obligations pause, you'll want to spend most of your time curled up inside your own private winter wonderland.

Cosy Christmas hygge home

Lightscapes - Illuminate your indoor and outdoor spaces with Christmas magic. String warm white lights along the railing of your staircase or porch, wrap them elegantly around a tree outside, cluster votives and candles on tables, hang paper lanterns above dining areas. Play with heights, glow levels, and placement density to design a gorgeous, welcoming ambience in your home.

Textures & Layers - Heap on the textures, blankets, throws, cushions and rugs to amplify the cosiness in any room. Cashmere, velvet, knits and fleece feel especially lovely in winter. Ask loved ones for unique textile gifts like woven wall hangings from their travels. Layer rugs over your existing carpets for added plushness underfoot.

Scent Sensations - Infuse the senses with aromatic winter scents from festive candle collections, reed diffusers, room sprays, potpourri and more. Take inspiration from classic wintry spaces like the forest (pine, cedarwood, balsam fir), the kitchen (gingerbread, cinnamon, cloves), or the lodge (burning firewood, smoked oak).

Jul scented candle

Audial Atmosphere - Curate the perfect selection of tunes for a Christmas chill session. Dig into your favourite Christmas playlists or discover new artists breathing life into traditional carols. Let the nostalgia wash over as Bing Crosby croons in the background. Crackle a virtual fireplace video on the TV for full immersion.

Make your home a sanctuary filled with sights, smells, sounds and textures specially designed to delight the senses. Your Christmas break is the perfect excuse to curate a fully immersive winter wonderland indoors.

Bake Up a Storm

For many, time spent in the kitchen whipping up Christmas treats is the ultimate form of hygge. Tap into your inner elf this Christmas break by baking to your heart's content!

Christmas baking

Plan a gingerbread house construction session – gather digestive biscuits, piles of candy decorations, piping bags, and bake up thick slabs of spiced dough from Nana's time-tested recipe. Let the kids take the creative lead with their wild colour schemes and unconventional architectural choices while you lend a steady hand with the icing and structural supports.

Host a cosy cookie swap evening with friends and neighbours – have each guest bring 2-3 dozen freshly baked Christmas bakes or signature cut-out biscuits to trade and sample over mulled wine. Supply sustainable bags and ribbons so everyone can take home an assortment, along with recipe cards or baking tips to recreate their new favourites.

Gift the fruits of your labour to spread extra cheer – deliver ornament-shaped shortbread biscuits, chocolate orange slices, or spice cake bites to relatives, teachers, community members or others who could use some holiday spirit. Tie a handwritten recipe card to each plate or container so recipients can recreate that sweet taste of human connection.

handwritten gift tags

Get the entire family involved in mixing, rolling, frosting, and sampling comfort! Play upbeat nostalgic tunes to keep spirits bright. Trading laughter over lopsided gingerbread people or icing mishaps is all part of the playful memory-making magic. With baked goods and crumbs gracing every surface, your kitchen transforms into a workshop of family bonding and yuletide joy.

And through it all, embrace the festive mess! A dusting of flour on the floor and smears of chocolate are symbols of love laboriously prepared. Your well-used oven and ever-growing sea of dishes become glorious artifacts honouring the wholehearted camaraderie of Christmas break.

Craft Custom Traditions

Christmas is the perfect time to design your own unique family traditions that will be eagerly anticipated for years to come. Reflect on what matters most and build new rituals that nurture your souls.

Christmas traditions

On Christmas Eve, gather round to do a puzzle together symbolising unity and bonding towards a common purpose in the coming year. Or create pop-up vision boards where each family member assembles inspirational images, quotes, travel photos or other representations of their dreams for the next chapter.

On the morning of Christmas Day keep things low key – lounge in pajamas as you sip hot chocolate and take turns sharing grateful reflections from the past year as well as hopes for the one ahead. Then pack up home-baked treats or sock care packages to deliver to elderly neighbours.

For a new New Year’s Eve ritual, gather tactile keepsakes related to your intention or “word of the year” for 2023. For example, if focusing on adventure, tuck a smooth stone, airline ticket stub, compass, and snapshot into a blessing box. Unpack on 31st December as a symbolic ceremony.

Hygge new Year 2024

Take inspiration from ancient Nordic holiday traditions but adapt them to reflect your family’s passions – for example, use straw ornaments as a way to recount favourite memories from your 2023 adventures.

Make an effort to infuse meaning into every little custom by grounding it in mindfulness and magical intention for togetherness in the year ahead. Soon these fresh traditions will be etched into the fabric of your family folklore.

Unplug and Connect

With no hurried school mornings or commutes eating into precious family time, the Christmas break offers a priceless gift: built-in togetherness. Be fully present by intentionally unplugging from devices and superficial distractions. Instead, gather around fireplaces and dinner tables to soak up unstructured opportunities for deepening bonds.

Play classic board and card games that spark friendly competition, inside jokes and creative collaboration. Pull out the puzzles and invite every family member to contribute, working towards a shared goal.

Family board games

Dig into meaningful conversation starters that reveal hopes, dreams, new perspectives: What was your personal highlight from this past year and why? If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the world, what would it be? What motto or mantra sums up how you aim to show up in relationships moving forward?

Storytell to revisit treasured family memories – the vacation mishaps, the laughter-filled holidays, the small shared moments immortalised through nostalgic retelling year after year. Pass along wisdoms and lessons learned to bless the next generation.

Discuss shared goals for 2024, talk about trips to start planning for summertime, ways of decluttering and simplifying life's demands. Write encouraging notes to each other enumerating appreciated qualities and contributions to the family ecosystem.

By fully unplugging and being immersed in quality time devoid of distraction, our most vital relationships renew. We realign as a family heading into a fresh year full of possibility. Discover profound togetherness this Christmas break through the lost art of deep connection.

This extended, uninterrupted opportunity for slowing down and tuning in doesn't come around often. So set the intention to be fully present with loved ones – to offer the gifts of your laughter, guidance, empathy and hope.

Give the Gift of You

As the gift-giving frenzy reaches a fever pitch, remember that the most meaningful presents often can't be wrapped up in a box. This season, try giving loved ones the priceless intangibles that come straight from your heart.


Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed tailor-made to their tastes - bacon on buttery toast for your savoury lover or a decadent cinnamon roll tray with nuts, fruit and chocolate drizzle for your sweet tooth partner. Include their favourite music playing softly in the background.

Offer grandparents a coupon book full of promised time together - accompanying them to a doctor's visit, taking a woodworking class, compiling a treasured family recipe book. Help the elderly declutter or decorate while relishing their wisdom and nostalgic stories from times gone by.

For a busy young couple preparing for their first child, give nurturing gifts that relieve burdens - offer to clean their home top to bottom, organise baby supplies, meal prep healthy freezer meals. Check in regularly after the baby arrives to assist with errands, laundry, a hot meal. The gift of service eases transition.

For an old friend going through grief or other personal struggles, extend compassion and comfort - check in consistently via calls, texts or visits to let them voice feelings. Offer practical support by dropping off home-cooked meals, running errands, helping with tasks that now feel burdensome. Ship a care package with comforting keepsakes and a journal for reflecting. Your steady emotional presence is often the greatest gift; be there fully to validate their journey.

This year gift presence over presents by offering your time, skills, wisdom, legacy and emotional support as the ultimate gesture of Christmas spirit. Prioritise people over things!

After Christmas

The final embers of the Christmas break are fading, yet our hearts and homes still flicker with the Christmas spirit we carefully kindled together these past weeks. As seasonal tunes give way again to our morning alarms, may we anchor ourselves in the profound bonds forged in moments of stillness and nostalgia with those dearest to our hearts.

May the cosy glow from hours nestled by the fire's side nourish us with contentment and warmth as we step into a new calendar year the way we step into a beloved grandmother's embrace.

May we call on those giggling memories of flour-dusted faces crowded around lumpily iced gingerbread houses to inject more play and presence into mundane tasks.

As branches once weighed down by tinsel grow lighter and family members reluctantly pack their bags to depart for distant homes again, the magic of the Christmas break does not have to leave with them. We can summon it through stories and polaroids, handwritten recipe cards and inside jokes reanimated each time we reunite once more beneath evergreen bows and treasured tree toppers.

We enter this fresh annual chapter carrying delicious echoes of hygge - the very same notes of nostalgia, togetherness, and childlike awe that will guide us to create even more profoundly meaningful moments in the year ahead.


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