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How To Nurture the Senses with Hygge This Autumn

by Kate Gray on September 28, 2022

The hygge lifestyle is the perfect companion to autumn. Not only beautiful, this stunning season brings a comforting familiarity. It’s like welcoming an old friend as we walk amongst the annual rustle of leaves with the wind whistling and the temperature starts to drop.

Passionate about promoting hygge-inspired wellness twelve months of the year, I wanted to explore how your senses can be comforted with these autumn activities.

Hygge autumn vibes gathering

Feel the Comfort

What is hygge, or autumn, without the feeling of being wrapped up in a soft 100% wool blanket?

Perfect for relaxing with family and friends, this tactile piece of hygge décor has the added benefit of keeping everyone toasty warm as you snuggle together to watch films on the settee. Just make sure you don’t forget the popcorn.

Or, hold a group jigsaw night whilst wearing your softest pyjamas. Autumn is the best time to huddle with those nearest and dearest to us.

And what could be better than that?

Indulge ‘the Lagom Way’

Channelling the Swedish philosophy of Lagom, having a little but not too much of your favourite sweet treats is ‘essential’ as the dark nights draw in.

Plan ahead and encourage your whole family to get involved using the Oreo Cupcake 'Bake at Home' Kit. This teaches them valuable skills such as measuring, coordination and following instructions. They taste pretty delicious too.

Making twelve yummy cupcakes from this artisan baking mix, bursting with high quality ingredients, this easy-to-bake bundle would make the perfect rainy day activity.

Hygge baking with kids

Enjoy the Splendour of Autumn

Balance the calories from your culinary creations with a well-deserved walk in the park.

Part of the joy of autumn is wrapping up warm and bringing out your favourite coats after the summer months. Keep your feet happy as you pull on your boots over traditional Nordic socks.

Take in the colours of the golden countryside, kick the leaves that have fallen onto the ground and look for squirrels, pine cones and empty acorn cups. These simple autumn activities really are the perfect way to make great memories.

Autumn woodland walk hygge

Autumn Aromas

Once back home, cheeks rosy from your stroll in the crisp autumn air, you can create a hyggekrog or cosy nook. This is your place to snuggle up with blankets, read that book you’ve been saving and light a hand poured (eco-friendly) candle on a nearby side table.

Inviting autumn scents include Roaring Fire, Woodland Walk and Cosy Cabin. Light your favourite and enjoy resting by candlelight. Which of these three autumnal aromas would you choose?

I believe that no hygge lifestyle is complete without the soft light of a flickering candle.

Hygge candle

The Sounds of the Kitchen

Is there anything nicer in the morning than hearing the sound of a boiling kettle or the clink of a teaspoon? As a nation, we love starting the day with a warming beverage. Of course, that’s not to say that a piping hot cup of tea or Colombian Coffee can’t be enjoyed throughout the day as valuable ‘me time’. With many of us caring for family members or working from home, it’s the perfect ‘excuse’ to take five minutes for some soothing mindfulness.

Begin by putting the kettle on and making a pot of warming caffeine-free Hygge Loose Leaf Tea to nourish you. Containing delicious ingredients such as chamomile flowers, rose petals and star anise, it smells as good as it tastes too.

Hygge tea and cake

Looking forward to embracing autumnal hygge? Welcome the changes in comfort with our soon to be launched ‘Autumn Hygge’ box. Involving the entire family is a great way of making fond memories and even your pets will enjoy snuggling up. Browse Little Box of Hygge’s online shop for more inspiration.


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