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LSW London Mind Cards: Kids' Edition
LSW London Mind Cards: Kids' Edition
LSW London Mind Cards: Kids' Edition

    LSW London Mind Cards: Kids' Edition


      LSW Mind Cards: Kids' Edition is the perfect way to introduce the power of mindfulness, gratitude, and affirmations to your child. Designed to make mindfulness engaging and enjoyable, these cards will help your child keep calm, understand their feelings, and stay focused on the present moment.

      Each day, simply have your child select a card at random and follow the action stated on the card. These mindfully crafted cards will guide your child to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, equipping them with essential tools to stay grounded, patient, and resilient. The actions on the cards encourage them to practice compassion, empathy, and self-love.

      You will receive 30 individually designed cards, beautifully presented in a lidded box. The cards are thoughtfully split across the following five categories:

      1. Mindfulness: Help your child to be fully present in the moment, learning simple techniques to focus their minds and block out distractions.
      2. Gratitude: Cultivate a sense of appreciation and thankfulness for the little things in life.
      3. Kindness: Encourage acts of kindness and empathy towards others and themselves.
      4. Repeat after Me: Nurture positive self-affirmations and boost self-confidence.
      5. Today I am: Empower your child to express their emotions and feelings with confidence.